1. What are your expectations and goals for your team through this tournament?
Expectations of GB18S - to be competitive with all the teams , to show how far GB18S has developed and hopefully win a game

  1. How long have you been coaching Ball Hockey?
I have been coaching ball hockey for 5 years, I coach a local Ball Hockey team up in the North East of England since we set the team up. I coached the U18s two years in Sheffield at the World Championships. I’ve played ice hockey and inline hockey for 30 years in this time coached GB inline senior men’s team and a player/coach of the masters GB inline hockey team.
  1. What type of team do you have? What style of play can fans expect from your team?
I have a young, energetic team, who work hard for each other. GB have eight U16 players flying straight from Czech world championships to join the U18s team. Will be utilising all the players. We will show fans team work with some British grit and determination.

  1. Who are the players to watch on your team, and what makes them special?
Can’t tell you that or will marked out the game!! haha. Don’t feel we have any stand out players which makes the team more special. There are a few that played up at this age group in Sheffield two years ago who I am expecting to use their experience and lead the team. Ethan Hehir, James Hellens, Tyler Nixon and Ross MacKinnon are experienced players in ball and ice hockey and are sure to be used on special team plays.
  1. What do you look most forward to when visiting Canada and the St Johns NL region?
I have been lucky enough to watch my sons play Ice Hockey for England in Quebec at the U13s Peewee Tournaments on two occasions. The whole experienced was fantastic. My wife played in the Women’s GB Team in WC in St Johns in 2013 and I have heard great things about the place so I am really looking forward to the trip and the tournament.