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  • 2017nlballhockey-championships-medium2017 B - C - D National Championships Webcast

    Watch games live from Conception Bay South, NL....


  • 2017nlballhockey-championships-medium2017-18 4on4 Ball Hockey League Registration now open!!

    There are now 1 of 3 ways to register for participation for the Northpoint Sports 4 on 4 Ball Hockey League, currently in it's 12th year.

                                                                                                                         Get details here!!

  • 2017nlballhockey-championships-mediumSt. John's, NL To Host The 2018 ISBHF World Junior Ball Hockey Championships

    The Canadian Ball Hockey Association is proud to announce the Newfoundland and Labrador Ball Hockey ...


  • nlbha-ver-14 normalEAT GREAT and PARTICIPATE

    Eat Great and Participate is a provincial program that promotes healthy eating to children and youth and aims to increase access to healthy food and beverage choices in recreation, sport, and community settings.

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whatsthecall module

Got a question on a rule clarification or comments on rule enforcements? The NLBHA in conjunction with a senior CBHA/NLBHA official will answer the questions you have...

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