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Welcome to the 2015 Metro Minor Ball hockey Program,

My name is Ed Bartlett and I will be running the Metro Minor Ball hockey league this summer. We’re really excited to get the season up and underway. Last year we had an amazing season and this summer we plan on making the program bigger and better.

For the 2016 Minor Ball hockey Season
we are proud to once again call 'Fieldian Gardens'
our home  

(see map -->).
1) For the first 2 weeks of the season, the Thursday slots had to be pushed back by a half hour. You will notice the changes in the schedule. After the week ended June 9th, the schedule will return to its normal time slots. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

2) The U15 teams will go through a probation period in Week 1. These games will evaluate the teams. Hopefully we will have to make limited or no changes, however we want to ensure a competitive league. The games in Week 1 will not be considered for the league standings or scoring.

3) With all of the divisions, there is still a possibility for team changes. Once again, we hope no changes are necessary. We have attempted to accommodate as many requests as possible. There was an abundance of requests, so we tried to balance those requests while still keeping the teams on par with each other. Thank you for your cooperation.The first week will only consist of practices so the coaches can see skill levels in order to make teams as fair as possible along with giving the players a chance to feel the ball and work on skills before jumping into games. We ask that you bear with us the first couple weeks and if the teams are looking a little slanted, and then we will make the proper adjustments.

A few points to be aware of before things get started up:

-The equipment needed for the program is a helmet (with cage), gloves, stick (no plastic shaft or blade), running shoes, and Ball hockey/Soccer shins pads (not mandatory but nice to have)

-We will not be tolerating any harassment of players, coaches, and/or referees! If you have any issues with anything that happens on or away from the floor regarding ball hockey, then

come to me and I will do my best to resolve the issue. There is a zero tolerance policy for these situations and players can be banned from the program for bad behavior from them or parents.

-We will be taking stats again for all ages. Everything will be posted on our website by Sunday of every week and will have team and individual award presentations at the end of the season.

Statistics, Standings, Scores, Schedules and Roster lisitings will be available on the Newfoundland and Labrador ball hockey association website www.nlbha.com under the MINOR BALL HOCKEY tab located on the menu bar. Throughout the summer we encourage you to check our website and use our social media outlets for any news/updates regarding changes, upcoming events, and stats.

Any questions regarding the program can be directed to program co-ordinator Contact Ed Mail - Send